Professional furniture restoration, repairs and re-upholstery in Walsall

Over the years, Lincoln Restorations have gained invaluable experience in a huge variety of techniques for furniture renovation and other refurbishment services.

We offer complete restoration services and are specialists in antique furniture restoration and conservation. Able to work on both modern, vintage and antique furniture there is almost nothing furniture related which we cannot do, from French polishing, to upholstery we cover it all.

We always strive to leave every customer satisfied and have developed lasting relationships with many of them. We guarantee quality work and craftsmanship because we do all our work in house at our workshop in the rural Staffordshire border of Walsall Wood. This means that our customers can trust that their furniture is being looked after by the experts.

We offer the following services: 

We restore, refurbish and renovate the following:

  We also offer Antique and Vintage safe restoration.


  Our services include; ​​​​​


Please note; we are workshop based and do not offer in-house restoration services unless the work is minor such as small cosmetic repairs or the item cannot be moved. 


Here are some before and afters of our work from our instagram 

To see what we're up to and to view more before and after and videos of our restoration, follow along on our instagram